Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the fee for using a travel agency?

For the vast majority of services rendered, Goldenedge Travel does not charge you any fee. The vendors that we book on your behalf pay us a commission in most cases. If you would like for us to book airline tickets by themselves, we do charge a service fee for our time to research and manage your reservation. The fee varies per service performed.

Can I go on a cruise to Alaska or the Caribbean without having a passport?

Technically, yes, you may be able to cruise round trip from a US port to your destination. However, we must always highly recommend that you carry a valid passport. If something went wrong, like a health issue, and you have to be taken to a medical facility, you may encounter challenges re-entering the USA.

Can I get married in a different country than the country that I am a citizen of?

Yes, you may get married in selected countries in which you are not a citizen. However, there are certain requirements you must meet. Most countries have a residence requirement and the length of time varies. We are happy to coordinate a marriage ceremony and destination wedding. Let us handle the details and take that stress off your shoulders.

I’m traveling with a group of friends. Can our hotel rooms be adjoining?

Please indicate on your reservation from whom you are traveling with and we will request that the hotel assigns your rooms next to each other. Although adjacent rooms will be requested, the hotels are not always able to accommodate. We will ensure your rooms are near each other if not connected.

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