Anyone traveling from the US to England will have to quarantine for 14 days

The UK government has revealed a new “travel corridor” list – including 59 states and 14 British Overseas Territories – from which travelers will now be exempted from the formerly established 14-day isolation period. 

“The government is satisfied that it is now safe to ease these measures in England and has introduced travel corridors for some countries and territories,” the Department for Transport said Friday in a statement. 

“This applies to all travel to England, by train, ferry, coach, air or any other route,” the statement added. 

According to the announcement, starting on July 10, unless they have visited or stopped in any other country or territory in the preceding 14 days, passengers arriving from the countries and territories that are part of the “travel corridor” list will not be required to self-isolate on arrival into England.

The United States is not included in the list. Earlier on Friday, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps confirmed that the country would not be included, due to the high infection rate in country. 

“Here, we’ve got things under control, but we know that [the virus] is still raging in parts of the world…so I’m afraid there is a red list,” Shapps told BBC Radio 4. 

“The US, from a very early stage, banned flights from the UK and from Europe, so there isn’t a reciprocal arrangement in place,” he added, highlighting that the US still has a “very high” rate of infection.

While travelers will not be required to self-isolate on arrival to the UK, the government has confirmed that travelers from the UK must comply with coronavirus requirements in the country they travel to. 

“This may include self-isolating or providing your details to local authorities,” the Department for Transport outlined. 

Before arriving in the UK, travelers will also be required to complete a “passenger locator” form. 

“We will keep the conditions in these countries and territories under review. If they worsen, we will not hesitate to reintroduce self-isolation requirements,” the Department for Transport said. 

“This list may be added to over the coming days following further discussions between the UK and international partners,” the statement added.

Here are the countries and territories that are part of the “travel corridor” list: Andorra, Germany, New Zealand, Antigua and Barbuda, Greece, Norway, Aruba, Greenland, Poland, Australia, Grenada, Réunion, Austria, Guadeloupe, San Marino, Bahamas, Hong Kong, Serbia, Barbados, Hungary, Seychelles, Belgium, Iceland, South Korea, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Jamaica, St Barthélemy, Curaçao, Japan, St Kitts and Nevis, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, St Lucia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, St Pierre and Miquelon, Denmark, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Dominica, Macau, Taiwan, Faroe Islands, Malta, Trinidad and Tobago, Fiji, Mauritius, Turkey, Finland, Monaco, Vatican City, France, Netherlands, Vietnam, French Polynesia, New Caledonia

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