12 things every traveler should know before visiting Miami | Travel

There’s no way around it: Miami is one of the priciest cities to visit in the United States. Given its legendary status as a mecca for parties, beaches, luxury services, amazing restaurants, art and nightlife, the city has enough pull to make it a hotspot year round. While the winter months and early spring are high season — and thus mean paying a premium on everything from flights to hotels — there are ways to save.

You’ll find slightly cheaper hotel rates if you’re willing to stay on the backside of Miami Beach, toward Biscayne Bay. From there, it’s only a 15-minute walk to the beach, and you’ll enjoy a quieter vibe. You’ll also find meals for slightly less if you dine away from hotspots like Lincoln Road, Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue. Food and drink on the mainland are generally less expensive, as well, and you’ll likely get more for your money when it comes to hotels, too.

However, you’ll be paying to commute to the beach and nightlife of South Beach. If you’re willing to visit when the weather is humid and hot, May can be a decent time of year, as well, with rates that are lower than the winter and early spring months.


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